“Thanks so much for a great class experience overall. The class definitely helped prepare us for birth and helped me to have the natural birth experience that I longed for. While nothing goes exactly as planned for, we felt knowledgeable and empowered throughout our experience. Thank you, Amanda! Great class!"



"Our teacher, Amanda, was very good. It was nice that she was also a young parent, and we could see how the Bradley Method had helped her during her first birth. Every time we had a question, Amanda would answer it to the best of her ability during the class, and then follow up the next week with tons more information. We really appreciated that. 

The Bradley series really helped us know what to expect. I was set on having a home birth from the beginning, but my biggest worry was that since my boyfriend and I were both first-time parents we wouldn't know what to expect and that we may end up in the hospital unnecessarily. I think the Bradley Method helped us stay calmer and, most importantly, stick together."



"The classes really helped [my husband] and I understand what was going on during labor and helped him feel prepared in coaching me. Even though nothing went according to plan during labor and delivery I felt like I was able to cope better with everything that was going on thanks to the knowledge we gained in class."


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